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Hotel The Westin Valencia
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When in 2012 the Group decided to open a restaurant in Valencia, José Antonio Aparicio - majority shareholder with Ricardo Sanz of the Kabuki Group - decided to choose a name that evoked both Japan and the location of the restaurant in the city of the Turia.

That gave rise to the name Komori, which means bat in Japanese, a clear allusion to the city's coat of arms which is crowned by one.

In order to carry out this project in the Valencia autonomous region, the Group joined forces with the local entrepreneur Rafael Honrubia and his son Nacho Honrubia, who was later named Maitre d' and the establishment's manager.

Once again, Kabuki chose a luxurious and exclusive location for its restaurant, the hotel Westin Valencia; an establishment located in the city centre, in an early 20th century, totally refurbished modernist building by La Lanera.  And, once again, the studio MS Design, with the architect Maurice Sanz at its head, was encharged with reflecting the Kabuki image and style in the restaurant - just as it has done with all the others belonging to the group since the opening of the first restaurant.

The Madrid chef Andrés Pereda, having worked in Kabuki and Kabuki Wellington in Madrid with Ricardo Sanz, took charge of the kitchens and following the line of the executive chef has also included on the menu dishes with a Valencian touch such as Esgarraet de gindara or eel nigiri. Komori has been awarded two Suns by the Repsol guide.