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Av. Presidente Carmona, 2,
28020 Madrid
P. +34 914 17 64 15


Monday to Friday:
From 13.30 to 15.45
From 20.30 to 23.45

From 20.30 to 23.45

Closed: From the 6th until the 28th of August

Restaurante Kabuki en Av. Presidente Carmona, 2, Madrid

This is where it all started. This is the birthplace of Ricardo Sanz's Cocina Kabuki, the origin of the business group, and according to clients, the most intimate establishment, either thanks to the service or to its size.  When it opened, back in June 2000, going to a Japanese restaurant in the Spanish capital was, to say the least, unusual. Kabuki did its bit to change that. Today it boasts a Michelin star.

That bar is where the now essential Nigiris with fried egg, butterfish and mini-burger, with which Ricardo Sanz demonstrated for the first time the "crossroads" between Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine that had been brewing in his head, first appeared. These amuse-bouche were the first recipes of a new cooking style to which much more has been added. These nigiris started off what is now known as Kabuki cuisine.

If there is one thing that defines Ricardo Sanz cuisine it is fusion. A word that the Group's executive chief takes on as his own. “The History of Gastronomy - he tells us - is defined by the mixture of the best products, flavours and techniques which are brought together to create the best dishes.   Its success resides in maintaining harmony between tradition and novelty. My work consists of taking the best of both gastronomic worlds, Japanese and Mediterranean, and presenting them, respectfully, to our clients”.

The current chef of the establishment is Victor Serrano who presides over his sushi bar following in the footsteps of his master; while the dining room and premises are overseen by the irreplaceable, thanks to her charisma and know-how, Chelo Pais. Both professionals and their team - some members, such as Rosa, there since the very beginning- are an essential element of what clients call the Kabuki charm.

Chelo Pais. Director and Maître
Victor Serrano. Chef