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Carretera General del Sur, 47,
38687 Tenerife
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Wednesday to Monday
From 19.00 to 23.30 

Tuesday: closed

Five years after the first inauguration, Abama Kabuki first opened its doors in 2005, in the Tenerife hotel of the same name. This opening marked a turning point in the Kabuki Group restaurant concept, as, thanks to extra space and personnel, this would be where the first sketches of a work line that defined the dining room and identity of our restaurants would be drawn.

This character was born from the subtle harmonisation of Japanese respect and Spanish hospitality when serving. Just as Rocardo Sanz had his "culinary crossroads" the dining room of this restaurant was the first to follow the wake of the executive chief fusioning both worlds to offer what was considered to be a more vanguard way of hosting clients.    

Over time, the skills mastered in Abama Kabuki were transferred, adapted and enhanced in the other restaurants, so making it just as easy to feel at home in all the Group's restaurants.

This is where the chef Daniel Franco, accompanied by his maître d' Jaime Pozuelo, carries out Kabuki Cuisine. This is also where certain dishes, such as Grouper usuzukuri with potatoes and mojo verde, that show off the best of the fusion between Japan and the Canary Islands first came to light. The footprints of the executive chef are always followed, but with idiosyncracies, thanks to which a Michelin star was awarded a few years ago.