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When more than a decade ago we opened our first restaurant sharing space with the purest Japanese orthodoxy, without really thinking it through, what would over time become known as the Kabuki cuisine came into being: a meeting point between Japanese and Mediterranean cuisines, that over those years has defined itself by the quality of the raw materials and the simplicity and elegance of the dishes, given that our goal has always been for the recipes to show off the purity of their flavours.

Faithful to our philosophy of combining Japanese and Mediterranean traditions, on the wine menu we include a wide representation of the main producing countries. The champagnes, white wines and sakes that harmonise perfectly with our cooking,  are especially relevant.

Kabuki's room service is characterised by being adapted to the society we live in. It could be considered to be a mixture between Nippon respect and Spanish hospitality. Consequently, since the beginning of our journey, our mission has been to make our clients feel at home.