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Kabuki is, without any doubt, an authority in high standing catering serices both for private events -weddings, celebrations- and for corporate ones -presentations, dinners- throughout Spain. When organising them, the Kabuki Group has the skill to undertake 360º events; that is to say, as well as providing the best cooking, professional service and  pairing of wines, we carry out the entire management from the design, to the execution to the production right down to the last detail. From the gastronomy point of view, the menus are personalised, always paying close attention to the personal or professional tastes and needs of our clients and can include international cooking if desired. The wide experience we have accumulated allows us to organise the events on our premises -depending on their size and availability-, in spaces conceived as offices or private houses, or, should it be necessary, we can find the most appropriate venue. All of this bearing the same supreme quality that is the hallmark of the Group's service and food.